A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

We're in the bloodstream!

There are bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream, too!

Coordinate together to assemble a defensive wall of white blood cells and fight back with antibody projectiles!

Prototype developed for the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabiliation Hospital ScreenPlay waiting room:

More Info on ScreenPlay:


Install instructions

Download the Bacterial Invaders Proto.zip file.

Extract the contents and run the simulator.exe file to provide a simulation of the ScreenPlay input mechanism. Run the BacterialInvaders.exe file for prototype. 

Click on the coloured tiles in the simulator to interact with the game.

Note: MacOS build does not have a simulator included! This build is for the ScreenPlay installation, or you can build your own simulator (it's coming soon to the App Store)


bacterial_invaders.gif 4 MB
Bacterial Invaders Proto.zip 20 MB
Bacterial Invaders (Build 19) 17 MB

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